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South Carolina woman found dead in I-20 rest area

A Columbia, South Carolina, woman was found dead in the back seat of a vehicle parked in the westbound rest area near milepost 109 on Monday morning. According to a

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Everything I had never dreamed of

Week after week many of you find yourself here—reading my 500 or so, OK, 600-plus, words scribbled across your favorite local newspaper. And, week after week, I welcome you into

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How times have changed

When I was growing up in the rural South, things were simple. Life was enjoyable and, though we didn’t know it then, we savored those days. Mama and Daddy got

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The good outweighed the bad in the legislature

Many good measures were passed during the last week of Session, and many more bad measures were thankfully stopped. My four military bills passed easily, along with a few other

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State and Federal Elected Officials

Gov. Brian Kemp (R) 203 State Capitol Atlanta, GA 30334 (404) 656-1776 Web/ Sen. Burt Jones (R) 407 East Second St., Jackson, GA 30233 Phone: (770) 775-4880 Fax: (770) 234-6752

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Letters to the Editor

Letters must be signed and include your full address and phone number for verification; only name and town are printed. Submissions may be edited for content and length. The deadline

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Voucher battle isn’t over

Dear Public School Teachers: For once, the good guys (that would be you) won. But save the highfives. This fight is far from over. I am talking about the failed

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