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Summertime nostalgia

Summertime brings back a lot of memories. Those hot and sultry Julys of long-ago with fireworks, fishing, watermelon and only one big lake named Sinclair. Without the distractions of cell

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RIP Buckhead Fireworks

Fourth of July may never be the same in Morgan County, and I, for one, am not happy about it. In fact, I’ve felt a long range of emotions since

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You and I are past our dancing days

When it comes to the past, everyone writes fiction. Stephen King, Joyland I stepped on the scale the other day while doing some straightening and found to my horror that

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Instructions for letters to the editor:

Letters to the editor are due by Monday morning for that week’s paper. Letters may be emailed to or delivered to Lake Oconee News, 100 N. Jefferson Ave., Eatonton,

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Letters to the Editor

Are books going away entirely? To the Editor, We have a wonderful library. Through the years, many people have contributed to enhancing our genealogy room. Many books were donated from

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Moral XXXXIV - Finis!

Editor: I speak of an octogenarian who lived in a remote village once called Anatevka who, when asked about why he had submitted his monthly morals to the local newspapers

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Political wingnuts having problems

Politics keeps getting weirder by the day. That must be frustrating to the wingnuts on both extremes of the political spectrum who think a middle ground doesn’t exist. Witness Gov.

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