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Sexagenarians scrap

Two Greensboro men in their sixties got into a fight over who should cut a patch of grass and wound up getting arrested on battery charges July 19. According to

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Jim Boyd & Associates truly takes pride in the work they do. The many referrals they receive from their clients are perhaps the highest compliment they can receive at the

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What Alice Walker means to Eatonton

The Georgia Writers Museum was founded in 2011 by local businesses and volunteers who wanted to celebrate the contributions authors from our area have made while also promoting economic development

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Moe, Larry the cheese! Moe, Larry, the cheese?

Only peril can bring the French together. One can’t impose unity out of the blue on a country that has 265 different kinds of cheese. Charles de Gaulle One of

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Kemp makes changes to Board of Regents

Gov. Brian Kemp has made some crackerjack appointments since taking office in January, but none better than naming Atlanta real estate executive Sam Holmes to the Board of Regents, which

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Letters to the Editor

Thank you to the many volunteers The Georgia Writers Museum was honored to serve as host for the celebration of Alice Walker’s 75th birthday. The day was, by any measure,

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The praying place

It was back in the summer, when the sun hung high and hot in the sky and the droplets of humidity fell like unwanted drops of rain, that one of

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