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Greensboro Jewelers, located in downtown Greensboro, has been proudly serving the Lake Oconee region for almost 30 years. Mark Blanton started the business in 1992 with the vision of providing

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Military makes an offer county can’t refuse

The new truck the Morgan County Commissioners bought for the county’s fire services a few months back had a price tag of nearly $300,000. The latest truck purchase cost less

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Bashore named county Public Safety Director

Joe Bashore, someone who already wears a lot of hats, just added a new one. Bashore has been hired by Greene County as Public Safety Director. It’s a new position

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LOA Homecoming


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Oby nabs 2.5 pounds of ecstasy on its way east; two men arrested

Two men on the way to Augusta were detoured to the Greene County jail after suspected ecstasy pills were found in the vehicle they were riding in on Dec. 5.

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Putnam BOC votes 3-1 to put Brunch Bill question on ballot

Voters could decide during the next election whether to extend Sunday alcohol sales in Putnam County. A measure already approved by city voters will take effect in January.› The item

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Belton addresses BOE on 2020 legislative session

Although the Georgia General Assembly isn’t set to convene at the state capital until Jan. 13, 2020, Representative Dave Belton returned to his roots to address the Morgan County Board

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