Know Your Neighbor: Kristen Higgins


By Hank Segars

Lakelife Associate Editor


Walking the streets of Madison, you may cross paths with Kristen Higgins, an industrious young lady who is heavily involved in local organizations to include the Lions and Kiwanis Clubs, and the Daughters of the American Revolution. She is also near completion of the Leadership Morgan County program and wants to be involved at the grassroots level in our community, spending the rest of her professional life here in Madison. She is a good neighbor.   


“I want to bridge the generational divide and invite more young people to engage, contribute, and sustain a new brand of civic commitment,” says Kristen. “There are so many competing priorities in our lives, but connecting and being involved at the community level will not only continue to keep Madison a prosperous town -- it gives us a sense of place and pride.” 


Kristen grew up in Covington and graduated from the University of Georgia. She left the state for seven years to work for nonprofit organizations in Washington, D.C. While there, she earned a Master's Degree in Public Policy from George Washington University. The call to return back home became too strong and Kristen returned to her native Georgia where she met her husband Ned in Atlanta. After a brief time there, the couple decided to move out of the city when her husband landed a job as a registered nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital in Athens.


“I love Madison – it’s everything someone would want in a small town,” says Kristen who serves as a financial adviser in the Edward Jones office on West Jefferson Street. “Genuinely nice people, an interesting, visible and tangible history, fun local spots, and neighbors and community members that quickly become friends. Madison provides the right blend between a small town feel, while being close enough to entertainment and events in surrounding areas.”  


Like many others, Kristen doesn’t want to see the downtown area become too commercial or live in a neighborhood that feels more like an ordinary block in a big city.  


“I wish this would have been the right time for me to move and not just work here but we struggle to strike the right balance between authentic, appropriate, and sustainable growth and maintaining the uniqueness that makes Madison special,” she adds. “I would like to see housing that's nice and convenient but comes with an internet connection and an obtainable price point: this balance is possible and what has brought me back to Georgia for life.”


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