Madison Police files: The reefer in the sleeper

T. Michael Stone


Madison police officers found more 200 pounds of marijuana following a traffic stop on I-20 on March 23.

According to incident reports, The Greene County Sheriff’s Office received several calls about a tractor-trailer headed west on the interstate that was driving erratically and asked Morgan County for assistance.

Officer Travis Stubbs was staged near milepost 114 awaiting the arrival of the truck.

At 4:40 p.m., the truck passed Stubbs and he pulled onto the roadway to observe.

Shortly thereafter, Stubbs saw the truck force another tractor-trailer off the road onto the emergency lane and eventually into the grass shoulder.

Stubbs initiated a traffic stop, but the tractor-trailer traveled another mile before stopping abruptly near exit 113.

The driver of the truck, Quantini Thomas, 42, of Hattiesburg, Miss., said his “two small dogs were nervous and running around his legs,” which caused him to drive erratically.

After running his information through dispatch, Stubbs and Sgt. Jeremy Hoffman learned that Thomas was wanted by the Villa Rica Police Department.

Thomas was detained and Stubbs transported him to the Morgan County jail while Hoffman conducted an inventory of the vehicle.

Madison animal control responded to the scene to collect the dogs.

Hoffman didn’t find anything in the trailer, so he searched the cab.

On the bottom rack of the sleeper, Hoffman found a large duffle bag that weighed approximately 50 pounds.

According to the report, it contained “individually wrapped 1-pound bricks of marijuana.

Hoffman later found three more duffle bags similar to first, all filled with marijuana.

Stubbs was advised that additional charges would be filed against Thomas and that he was to seize any currency Thomas had.

Stubbs collected $1,200 dollars made up of $20 bills banded together.

The duffle bags were turned over to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, and Thomas was charged with sales, manufacture and possession of a controlled substance.





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