It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

If you haven’t driven through the city of Greensboro at night recently, do yourself (and your kids) a big favor and cruise through after dark.

They’ve done a wonderful job with the decorations.

The official tree lighting is set for Friday night (Dec. 1) of this week.

Also, the front of Harbor Club down by the lake is wonderful, too.

I hope you’re in the holiday spirit, not like the trolls who’ve been assailing my girl Melania Trump’s decorations at the White House.

Hello, once again dear readers, and welcome back to this teeny-tiny little ink spot in your favorite newspaper where we put the tinseled poo-poo on holiday humbugs.

First, the internet vermin (if television is a vast wasteland, what is cyberspace?) said bad things about Melania’s demeanor while she watched the ballerinas do a holiday performance at the White House.

I also read scathing indictments in Melania’s taste in holiday decorations.

Jeez Louise, everybody is a critic with cyber-muscles on the internet.

I would like to watch Melania change from stiletto heels into tennis shoes, but for some folks, everything FLOTUS does is simply a travesty that must be appalled.

Please back off my girl before I turn a critical eye to your holiday style.

I just love holiday decorations.

I have decorations and Christmas tree ornaments that are 25-years-old my daughter made in pre-school.

I double-dog dare somebody to say something about that. However, I must admit my charming daughter, Hillairy Camille of Charleston, simply loathes her old school pre-school decorations.

How could you not love a painted Popsicle stick or a small piece of tuna can with her picture glued inside it?

Unless you happen to be a grumpy Grinch.

Lighten up folks and enjoy the Christmas lights.


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