Greene C&CA gets a step closer, on brink of transformation

Members of the Green County C&CA steering committee and governance board are in good spirits after its presentation 16 in Atlanta to the Technical College System of Georgia.

Dave Brown/Staff

Vice chairman Dwain Evans of the C&CA governance board is introduced at last month’s meeting of the Green County Board of Education.


By Dave Brown

College & Career Academy CEO John Ellenberg and a contingent from Greene County must have made an impressive presentation Nov. 16 in Atlanta to the Technical College System of Georgia.

However, the chairman of the Greene C&CA Governance Board said there while was some good news to report, it is of the upmost importance not to definitely conclude anything about the fact they have been summoned back to Atlanta to hear if they have been awarded $3.5 million grant.

“I can’t express how important it is not to presume anything,” said C&CA governance board chairman Larry Kludt.

“I thought our presentation went very well. We’ve heard back from the Technical College System of Georgia, and we’ve been invited back to Atlanta on Dec. 7.

“But let me make sure everybody understands they haven’t told us anything, yet, and they won’t tell us anything until then.”

Ellenberg, a homegrown product and GCHS graduate, said the grant could be an enormous infusion for the school system.

“This could be very good news. It could transform the school system at Greene County,” said Ellenberg.

“If we get the grant – and at this point it is still very much an “if” – the plan is not to spend money on a new building, but take our existing platform and build out the classroom space into state of the art labs that are up to industry specifications.”

“What we will do will make it so what we have in Greene County won’t be any different from what they have at technical schools and colleges.”

Right now, regardless of the grant, Greene County is already offering dual-enrollment classes so student can earn college credits or work toward technical skills certification.

According to Ellenberg, if awarded the grant the Greene C&CA would construct such learning spaces as a welding lab and a culinary kitchen, and also classroom space for EMS nursing among other things.



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