Iconic horses have moved to the Madison Morgan County Cultural Center

Two horses formerly housed by the Madison Artists Guild Gallery have moved down the street.


“We are so thrilled to share with the community the joy these horse sculptures have brought us,” said Christine McCauley, Executive Director of the Madison-Morgan Conservancy. “Mama Blue Horse and Papa Red Horse were donated to the Conservancy in 2015 by the very generous Ben Carter. The horses are for sale, and until they are sold, they will travel around Morgan County bringing joy to all who see them. They have spent the last year in the Madison Artist Guilds Gallery in downtown, and now for the foreseeable future, they will be part of the Cultural Center’s new sculpture garden and part of the landscape restoration currently underway there.”


Fredrick Prescott’s larger-than-life kinetic sculpture, with its captivating, multi-dimensional form, reveals the dichotomy between the real and the fantastical. As graphically bold and colorful as the pieces are, they look perfectly at ease in a natural setting, though there is no denying their otherworldly quality.


“For the last year, the Madison Artists Guild Gallery has had the privilege of showcasing these two magnificent steeds in our Main Street gallery,” said Karen Strelecki, Gallery Curator for the Madison Artists Guild. “Every tourist and local shopper has delighted in their unexpected presence as works of art and as quasi gallery mascots. They've brought joy to us all, especially the children who love to pet them and make them nod their massive heads. We wish them well as they trot down to the cultural center’s front lawn to enjoy grazing again!”


Cultural Center Director Kim Brown and staff are ready to welcome the horses with open arms. “We’ve seen a lot of changes on our front lawn lately, and we’re excited to add something new to our artistic display! We are proud of the strong partnership the Center and the Conservancy have built up and will continue to look for new opportunities to support this bond,” Brown remarked.


The Madison-Morgan Conservancy is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide public education on conservation matters and to protect and enhance the heritage and quality of life of the residents of Morgan County by preserving historic sites, greenspace, farmland, and timberland. Visit the Conservancy’s website for more information about the Conservancy and their entire Prescott Horse Sculpture collection that is available for purchase, www.mmcGeorgia.org or call (706) 818-8046.

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