Chief’s lawsuit not served, settlement may be in works

Dave Brown/Staff

Greensboro city attorney Adam Nelson, shown here Monday before the city council meeting, said the municipality has not been served with a federal lawsuit.


By Dave Brown

The federal lawsuit filed by a former Greensboro Police Department receptionist may never see the light of day.

According to Greensboro city attorney Adam Nelson, the federal lawsuit filed against Chief Ossie Mapp and the City of Greensboro, has not been served by U.S. Marshals.

“At this point, there has been no acceptance of service,” said Nelson on Monday night before the November meeting of the Greensboro City Council.

“The reality of the matter is that, for us, it doesn’t start until the suit is served to us.”

It is believed that the insurance carrier for the municipality has stepped in and may try to produce an out-of-court settlement with the former receptionist.

According to a lawsuit filed Oct. 16 in Athens, Mapp is accused of allegedly harassing former GPD receptionist Phong Choum.

Choum, 39, is of Asian descent, and according to the lawsuit was harassed via quotes from the movie “Full Metal Jacket.”

Choum claims harassing comments like “me love you long time” and requests to see “underneath her dress” went on for four years before her termination last December.

The alleged incidents are said to have happened during lunch breaks when other workers were out of the office.

Choum, a single mother of three, declined all sexual offers and ignored the harassment, though she did once tell that Mapp she was going to file a sexual harassment claim against him, the lawsuit notes.

It bears mentions the accusations have not been adjudicated in a court of law.

According to Nelson, there is no timetable associated with Mapp being placed on paid administrative leave.


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