Plat request for Horseshoe Bend approved

Dave Brown/Staff

Rylen Jones, of CBJ Preschool, is resplendent in a blue bow tie Tuesday at the Greene County Board of Commissioners meeting. Jones, who later led the Pledge of Allegiance, is joined by his grandmother, Deborah Hall, as well as Damoni Rhodes and Skyla Rose Wright

By Dave Brown

A preeminent property planned for Reynolds at Lake Oconee finally came to fruition Tuesday when the final plat request for Horseshoe Bend was approved by the Greene County Board of Commissioners.

The 13.5-acre site that includes 12 spectacular single-family lots sits on a peninsula jutting out into Lake Oconee.

In addition to providing some top shelf home sites, the property taxes Horseshoe Bend will most certainly enrich the county coffers.

“This is an extension of what we’ve been platting the last few years,” said Craig Johnson, a land planner for Reynolds at Lake Oconee.

“Horseshoe Bend is at the very end of the peninsula. Actually, it will be the premiere property for Reynolds.”

Until the 12 sites are actually developed and built out, it can’t be determined exactly how much tax base will be provided by Horseshoe Bend. However, conservative estimates predict it could be comparable to many of the communities in Greene County.

“I’m not completely familiar with the numbers – it’s still too early to tell – but it will add greatly to the tax base in this county and provide more resources for this government,” said Johnson.

Commissioner Ernie Filice made the motion to accept consideration of the request made by Oconee Land Development, LLC. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Angela Dearing and passed unanimously.

In other Board of Commission business handled during the brisk meeting that lasted less than one-half of an hour, a third-party operator contract with Thorne Transportation was unanimously approved, as was a resolution to declare surplus property.

The surplus property, which came in the county’s clutches through asset forfeiture, included a 2009 Ford Explorer, as well as a 2009 Ford F-350.

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