ATLAS Center plowing right ahead

Dave Brown/Staff

Paris Crowder of Oconee Construction Services operates an excavator at the new ATLAS Center building site.

Dave Brown/Staff

Rob Mitchell, the executive director, has been involved with ATLAS Ministry for the past 11 years.

By Dave Brown

After two years of fundraising, ATLAS Ministry has broken ground and moved earth at its building site adjacent to Greene County schools on Highway 44.

“The site was challenging in a number of ways, but we have a talented group of architects and engineers dealing with the issues,” said ATLAS Ministry executive director Rob Mitchell.

According to Mitchell, construction of the 15,000-square feet ATLAS Center is slated to begin later this month.

In addition to housing the offices of ATLAS Ministry, the state-of-the-art building will have classrooms for programs and multi-purpose meeting spaces as an open facility for student-focused organizations.

“The reason we chose this site as the location for (ATLAS Center) is that students from either the high school, middle school or elementary school can easily walk back and forth to the Center,” said Mitchell.

“At this location, the students can come over without having to rely on transportation.”

The centrally-located site will serve as a peaceful sanctuary where children and their parents can participate in ATLAS programs.

In addition to classrooms and activity areas, there will also be a kitchen and space to accommodate organizations like the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

“We’re focused on helping children understand and value God, family, marriage, education and hard work,” said Mitchell.

“ATLAS is involved with children from birth to adulthood. We also work simultaneously with parents to help them achieve their God-given potential.”

Oconee Construction Services is the general contractor for the ATLAS Center.

Mitchell said despite the site challenges, construction of the ATLAS Center is on schedule and should be open at some point in the first half of 2018.

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