Greene BOC chairman applauds county workers

Greene County Board of Commissioners chairman Gary Usry
signals his yes vote for a TEFRA resolution.


Dave Brown

At the end of Tuesday evening's meeting of the Greene County Board of
Commissioners, the collective heart and soul of county government
workers was applauded by board chairman Gary Usry for their hard work
and diligence cleaning up from last week's tropical storm remnants of
Hurricane Irma.
"I want to give a big thank you," said Usry in reference to the
clean-up and downed-tree removal by county workers, as well as by
volunteers from the community.
"We had people putting in 16-18 hours days cutting trees. This week we
finally got back to normal because of their hard work," he said.
"It just goes to show the community coming together and getting
stronger by overcoming adversity."
Usry's atta-boy served as a good conclusion to a brisk moving meeting
by an obviously well-prepared Board of Commissioners.
The first item on the business agenda was the consideration of a TEFRA
Resolution to allow Lake Oconee Academy to apply for a USDA loan to
finance a capital improvement project.
TEFRA is a acronym for "Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act" of
1982. It is a federal requirement in place to make sure tax exempt
bonds are in fact genuinely authorized to be exempt from federal
The TEFRA process requires a hearing to be held to address specific
facts, and according to the Greene BOC, the hearing was held Sept. 11.
The TEFRA resolution passed unanimously.
Also passing unanimously was the appointment of Rod Wilson to the
Board of Tax Assessors.
The Greene BOC also unanimously approved the SPLOST-funded CAD upgrade
to the server at the 911 Dispatch.
"This is a vital element of an enhanced system," said county manager
Byron Lombard before a motion for a vote was made.
"We'll be set for the next 10 years with our radio system."
The BOC also unanimously approved the $350,000 bid by Milford
Construction for the EMS Station One Project, which was budgeted for
In its final unanimously approved business item, the BOC approved the
fire department contracts.
BOC member Ernie Filice pointed out the vote fulfilled a state mandate
and made no changes to the previous contract except to update the
A rezoning request was approved for Dollar General to move to Willow Run.


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