Old Hudson Plantation hosts TaTa Bang Bang

By Justin Hubbard



On Saturday, May 6, Old Hudson Plantation in Sparta hosted one of the biggest shooting events in the southeast, TaTa Bang Bang.  

The event, which raises funds for breast cancer testing, was founded by Carmen Neil. Neil, who had breast cancer twice, founded TaTa Bang Bang in 2013 to combine one of her favorite things (shooting) with a worthy cause. 

Since then, TaTa Bang Bang has become well-known in the south and throughout different parts of the country. This year, it made its first stop at Old Hudson, which is owned by Neal and Nancy Bush. They were pleased by the turnout the event received. 

“It was a really big event,” Nancy Bush said. “We had 184 shooters, lots of sponsors.” 

Nancy said although Old Hudson Plantation has hosted its fair share of big events in the past, hosting TaTa Bang Bang presented an unknown challenge. As such, she was happy with the outcome of the event. 

“We did not know what to expect, this being our first time with her and first time with a group of that size,” Nancy said. “From that perspective, we handled it well. We didn't have any problems, other than what you would normally have when you've got 300 people in one spot. But it went well. We had a live auction, raffle and a low country boil dinner after the event.” 

There are currently no plans to bring TaTa Bang Bang back to Old Hudson, as the charitable event has upcoming events in Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and Kentucky to get through first. 

Nancy said she would like to bring back TaTa Bang Bang in the future, if possible. 

“It's very possible,” she said. “That's something we would consider again, now that we know what's it all about, understanding what kind of help we can get, that kind of thing. It was a work in progress and we were learning as we went, so to speak.” 

Neil brought in a lot of national sponsors, but Nancy said there was a considerable amount of support from sponsors located in the Lake Country area. 

“I want to thank all the local sponsors,” Nancy said. “[Neil] had a lot of bigger sponsors, but we did have a fair amount of local participation from the sponsors. I just want to thank all of our local sponsors for their support.” 

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