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Twin Oaks reveal long history in Rutledge

October 16, 2020 - 00:00
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    Chief Stone stands with the tree. T. MICHAEL STONE/Staff
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    A 124-year-old tree had to be cut down recently. CONTRIBUTED

A tree once thought to be more than 200 years old that had to be cut down in Rutledge in August turned out to be much younger, but the story tree experts later uncovered is still an interesting tale.

According to arborist Dr. Kim D. Coder, a 31-inch red oak was cut down at 2440 Old Mill Road in 1895, and it generated two stump sprouts that grew rapidly from the root system of the cut stump.

The sprouts grew side-by-side until 1959 when they grew so close together that the two appeared to be one large tree.

According to Coder’s analysis, the tree had been under significant stress since 1982 due to injury or soil damage.

According to Chief Jeff Stone of Morgan County Fire and Rescue, some of the slabs could be made into furniture such as tables once they dry out sufficiently.

Coder’s report

• Dimensions: Slab surface diameter – 89” long axis / 67” short axis = average diameter 78”.

• Best estimate = 124 years old.

• Stem No. 1: 125 years old, last seven years is sapwood, last 37 years under great stress, 88 years with great growth.

• Stem No. 2: 123 years old, last 13 years is sapwood, last 39 years under great stress, 84 years with great growth.