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Sports musings: Vol. 24

March 13, 2020 - 05:00
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Yep, it’s time for another column.

I have a few things I want to discuss this week, and the simplest way of doing that is by breaking out this tried-and-true series where I touch on multiple subjects in the same column.

This week, I could not bring myself to do away with two of these topics and only focus on one for a traditional column. So, why not write about all of them?

- Rain, rain, go away

Mr. Weather man, what is yourfirecast?

I need a major change, I can’t stand no more rain...

Those are the opening lyrics to Hank Williams Jr.’s 1981 song ‘Weatherman.” Those words also match my sentiments from the past several weeks.

This pattern of rainy weather needs to hurry on out of here. I’m sick of constantly worrying about mud and bad drivers. I’m also sick of having my coverage schedule limited.

Last Wednesday alone, I received five or six text messages about sports postponements/ cancellations - and that’s just counting the ones I received from Morgan County High School.

Unfortunately, my MCHS coverage has taken the biggest hit during this weather. Much like last year, my ability to cover the Morgan soccer teams has been severely limited. I have yet to see the school’s soccer teams in action. I’ve got my fingers crossed that their game this Monday will proceed as scheduled.

This past Monday, I finally covered a spring sport at Greene County when I went to the Tigers’ baseball game. I will see the Greene soccer teams for the first time this week.

It’s been a pain trying to evenly divide my time between all my schools. The rain makes it nearly impossible.

I am not looking forward to warmer and summer-like weather, but I’ll take it if it means all of this rain finally stops.

- Dogs moving on

- Last Friday, we saw the latest college sports signees from Lake Country.

Morgan County seniors Davis Moore (Georgia, rugby) and Hannah Callaway (Piedmont College, softball) inked scholarships to continue playing their sports in college.

It is always really cool seeing our area’s athletes accomplish this feat. Last week was no exception. A very large crowd in the MCHS auditorium gathered to celebrate Moore and Callaway, and for good reason.

Congratulations to both of them. This is an awesome achievement, and they have every reason to be proud of it.

And word on the street is there will be more college signees in the coming weeks. It’s always exciting seeing our student-athletes do big things!

- Virus is no excuse

Before I write another word, yes, I understand that the coronavirus is a big deal. I am not trying to downplay it in the least bit. It’s a serious issue, and I pray this dies down sooner than later.

However, I can’t let a recent develop surrounding the virus go uncontested. This week, we learned that the NBA, NHL, MLB and MLS will close their locker rooms/clubhouses to all non-essential personnel. That includes reporters.

These leagues can say what they want to about not specifically targeting the media who cover their teams; this is not a great move. This limits the teams’ transparency and curtails the reporters’ ability to do their job.

I understand the intent behind the decision is to shield their players from people who potentially carry the virus. I’m not insensitive to that. But do they expect their players and coaches to live in a bubble?

They will come into contact with thousands of people on any given game day. There are fans, team employees and building workers who are just as likely to carry the coronavirus as the reporters.

No, this is an excuse to hamper the reporters who want to do their jobs and, in some cases, hold teams accountable for things they may not like being held accountable for. Using this virus - and the fear surrounding it - as a means to limit reporters is a cheap means of shunning the media.

I hope these policies are shortlived, just like I hope the coronavirus outbreak ends soon.

Stay safe, readers.