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Sports musings: Vol. 20

November 08, 2019 - 06:00
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Man, this was a fun weekend for me.

My two favorite football teams, the Georgia Bulldogs and the Dallas Cowboys, picked up victories over longtime rivals. I got to poke around Athens all day Sunday taking graduation pictures with my younger brother, who is set to finish up at UGA in mid-December.

And this weekend completed the last slow week I’ll have for a while. Basketball season starts up this week with scrimmages and, for one school, regular season action.

Things are about to get crazy for me again following the lull we’ve had since the end of softball and volleyball. I’m excited to return to my usual hectic pace; I don’t like sitting still for very long.

I wanted to touch on all these things (and one more topic) in this week’s column. What better time than now to break out my tried-and-true “musings” series? This is where I give quick thoughts on multiple subjects, for those of you who might not know.

Let’s dive in.

– How ‘Bout Them Dawgs/Cowboys!

I do not consider Florida to be Georgia’s No. 1 rival. That, to me, is Georgia Tech. I know I’m in the minority.

There is nothing more satisfying, though, than watching Georgia beat up the Gators. I was treated to such an outcome again Saturday evening.

Technically, Georgia-Florida was just a one-score game. However, anyone who watched the game knows the Bulldogs pretty much dominated. Had they finished off their early drives with touchdowns instead of field goals, we would be celebrating an official blowout.

I’ll take what we got. Now, Georgia is firmly in the driver’s seat to win the SEC East again. From there, things could get really exciting.

As for my Cowboys, Monday night’s victory over the New York Giants was closer than it should have been, too. But again, I’ll take it.

– Hoops will have me hopping

If you try to contact me for the next couple of months, I might be slow getting back to you. That’s because I now have the fun/crazy/exciting/stressful/thrilling/ridiculous challenge of covering basketball at my four schools. Which means I have eight teams to follow.

Whew boy.

Morgan County officially tips off Saturday evening when it hosts Newton High School. And in the days after that, Greene County, Nathanael Greene Academy and Lake Oconee Academy will crank up their basketball seasons.

For a lot of reasons, this has the potential to be one of the most intriguing basketball seasons our area has ever seen. I’m excited to bring you all the coverage of it.

– Disney+

Full disclosure, I almost wrote my entire column about this, but I figured I better not deviate too far from sports.

Disney+, a new streaming service operated by the Walt Disney Company, launches next Tuesday, Nov. 12. If that wasn’t my deadline day for our paper, I would probably call in sick and spend all day watching shows and movies.

I cannot tell you how excited I am for this new service. I’ll kick it off, of course, by watching my favorite Disney film, The Lion King. The record books will indicate that my first viewing experience on Disney+ was of my favorite. I can’t let it read otherwise.

After that, who knows? There’s gonna be so much great content to pick from. They’re gonna have A Goofy Movie, The Jungle Book and pretty much any Disney flick you can think of. The Disney Channel Original Movies will be there, too, as will the full series of Boy Meets World.

Basically, this is a ‘90s kid’s dream come true.

And those are just a few things Disney+ will offer. I could probably watch the network all day every day and still never get through everything.

The fact this is launching as my schedule picks up is less than ideal, though!