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Putnam County Jail Report

June 25, 2020 - 06:00
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  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Michael Jason Biddix
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Amanda Brooke Boone
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    James Colt Saunchegraw
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Frank Day
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Timothy Lowell Thompson
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    John Peter Henderson
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    David Jamond Mitchell
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Shawn Daniel Malm
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Steven Cody Christian
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Robert Allen Woods
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Jimmy Dean Geick
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Jose Antonio Gonzalez-Ruiz
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Randy Scott Padgett

MONDAY, JUNE 15 Michael Jason Biddix, 34, of 336 Bridges

Michael Jason Biddix, 34, of 336 Bridges Cir., King Mountain, N.C. – speeding 87/55; driving while license withdrawn; drugs to be kept in original container; possession of schedule III controlled substance

Amanda Brooke Boone, 31, of 127 Old Belwood Rd., Lawndale, N.C. – drugs to be kept in original container; possession of schedule III narcotic

James Colt Saunchegraw, 35, of 161 Ellis Trail, Covington – harassing telephone calls


Frank Day, 56, of 128 Old Glenwood Rd., Eatonton – theft by shoplifting

Timothy Lowell Thompson, 42, of 196 Gray Rd., Eatonton – criminal trespass (family violence); simple battery (family violence); theft by taking


John Peter Henderson, 26, of 498 S. Jefferson St., Milledgeville – fighting in public place (affray)

David Jamond Mitchell, 18, of 115 Barnes Ave., Milledgeville – fighting in public place (affray)


Shawn Daniel Malm, 38, of 142 Capps Ln., Eatonton – foreign warrant; possession of marijuana less than an ounce; possession of methamphetamine; probation violation


Steven Cody Christian, 31, of 985 Madison Rd., Eatonton – theft by taking (felony)

Robert Allen Woods, 39, of 151 Park Ave., Eatonton – probation violation (criminal trespass)


Jimmy Dean Geick, 49, of 211 Highland Dr., Eatonton – disorderly conduct; obstruction of an officer (felony); public drunkenness


Jose Antonio Gonzalez-Ruiz, 40, of 569 Sparta Hwy., Eatonton – battery (family violence)

Randy Scott Padgett, 50, of 4901 Hull Rd. SE, Conyers – failure to obey reg. markers; operating watercraft under the influence of alcohol/drugs