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Putnam County Jail Report

May 08, 2020 - 06:00
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  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Ricky Spencer Hodnett
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Gregory Austin Meyer
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Demarko Quintariu McClelland
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Brandon Allan Dunn
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Quinterrious Jaquon Evans
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Cale Carldelle Little
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Gracelyn Brianna Williams
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    James H. Waller
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Kensley Faith Williams
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Arturo Parades
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Kevin Lamar Mote
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Nathaniel Brian Stuart
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Joseph Lamar Riner
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Juan Taxotal
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Ricky Thompkins
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    David Willie Queen
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Brittany Shea Sizemore
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Kristena Michelle Riley
  • Putnam County Jail Report
    Jeffrey Scott Blackerby


Ricky Spencer Hodnett, 36, 515 Burney St., Madison - giving false information or false name; obstruction of an officer; VGCSA (possession of methamphetamine); possession of drug-related object; probation violation (interference with electronic device fleeing/obstruction of officer) .


Gregory Austin Meyer, 27, 305 Cold Branch Rd., Eatonton - bench warrant/failure to appear-driving with suspended license, unregistered vehicle (Baldwin County warrant); two counts of criminal trespass; VGCSA (possession of marijuana less than an ounce); VGCSA (possession of methamphetamine); possession of drugrelated object; probation violation (DUI/failure to maintain lane).


Demarko Quintariu McClelland, 21, 116 E. Jessie Porter St., Eatonton - possession of arms by convicted felons and first offender (probation); possession of firearm or knife while trying to commit crimes; possession of marijuana with intent to distribute; probation violation (sale of marijuana).

Brandon Allan Dunn, 18, 146 A. South Harmony Court, Eatonton - probation violation (statutory rape - two counts).

Quinterrious Jaquon Evans, 26, 898 Church St., Eatonton - VGCSA (possession of marijuana with intent); possession of firearm or knife while trying to commit crimes.

Cale Carldelle Little, 26, 176 Pea Ridge Rd., Eatonton - VGCSA (possession of marijuana); possession of firearm or knife while trying to commit crime.


Gracelyn Brianna Williams, 17, 853 Twin Bridges Rd., Eatonton - theft by shoplifting.

James H. Waller, 33, 119 A. Spring St., Eatonton - probation violation (burglary before 7/1/12); probation violation (theft by receiving stolen property).

Kensley Faith Williams, 19, 102 Merry Dr. NW., Milledgeville - theft by shoplifting.

Arturo Parades, 54, 267 Lower Harmony Rd., Eatonton - simple battery.


Kevin Lamar Mote, 33, 339 Little River Trl., Eatonton - probation violation (altered I.D./with weapon drugs, possession with intent.distribution of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana).

Nathaniel Brian Stuart, 20, 192 Gregory Ln., Eatonton - burglary (second degree).


Joseph Lamar Riner, 28, 82 Dogwood Dr., Macon - false statements in matters within jurisdiction of state; possession of arms by convicted felons and first offender (probation); probation violation (burglary before 7/1/12, theft by taking (Twiggs County warrant); theft by receiving stolen property.

Juan Taxotal, 47, 3398 Flamingo Dr., Macon - driving without license (unlicensed/ wrong class); improper passing.

Ricky Thompkins, 41, 104 Wards Chapel Rd., Eatonton - probation violation (Morgan County warrant).


David Willie Queen, 31, 339 Little River Trl., Eatonton - criminal trespass (damage to property), (family violence).


Brittany Shea Sizemore, 23, 2452 Rehobeth Rd., Griffin - criminal attempt (Baldwin County warrant); sales of methamphetamine.

Kristena Michelle Riley, 28, 133 Woodcrest Dr., Eatonton - probation violation (DUI second) open container, failure to maintain lane.

Jeffrey Scott Blackerby, 44, 185 Spurgeon Dr., Eatonton - driving without license (unlicensed/wrong class).