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May 21, 2020 - 06:00
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Dear Editor:

Amid the sheltering, social distancing and all other manifestations of mitigation in response to COVID-19 we are becoming more aware of our frustration and consternation resulting from limits placed on our everyday freedoms.

Many of us are both eager and anxious about the prospects of a “new normal” wherein much of life before coronavirus may return but necessarily with changes to how lives will be led.

Most of us are aware of a sense of lost control, however real or perceived. In response to that, it is imperative that we consider how we proactively might best shape our future, not just in pragmatic ways like rebuilding the economy but perhaps equally as significant by shaping our nation’s morality.

One notable test case is the portending Armand Aubrey trial that looms as a racial powder keg in our future. Even now as battle lines are being drawn in the media by opposing attorneys, we recognize how defending racist policies lead to fueling racist ideas, which, in turn, contributes to more ignorance and hate. HA

This will be a crucial trial for defining who we become on the subject of race relations in our country. Perhaps we ought to consider the unmasking, the uncovering of our mouths as we conquer the coronavirus pandemic, as a metaphor for speaking out in our struggle to create a truly equitable society.

Admittedly, battling COVID-19 has stimulated compassion for our fellow man. By choosing to fight for an equitable society, we too are choosing to fight for humanity. In so doing, we fight for ourselves.

Peter Wibell Rutledge