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OPINION: Flip flop politics

July 16, 2021 - 00:00
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Dear editor:

There are some strange decisions being made in Washington, reversing long-standing government policies, and impacting everyday life of Americans.

Denying the value of national efforts at energy independence since 1974, and achieved under Trump, flip flop Joe cancels the Keystone pipeline and handicaps fracking causing the immediate loss of thousands of jobs, and increased costs of gasoline and many related items.

This is all under the veil of Climate change, although impacts from this policy, if any, are decades into the future.

Tout “what’s best for Democracy” in bringing down Donald Trump, but allow Big Tech (Facebook, Twitter) to censor freedom of speech.

Stop construction of “Trump’s wall” at the southern border, wasting billions of dollars, then decide we need it after all.

After 30 years of governmental and NCAA programs promoting equality in women’s sports, install an over-the-top LGBTQ policy enabling transgender men to compete as women at all levels of sports.

Send billions of dollars to countries in middle America to stem poverty and eradicate the conditions causing them to migrate to the USA, while Americans, including many veterans, are living in the streets of our largest cities.

After decades of securing our borders, and outspoken support by all recent Presidents as well as Pelosi, Schumer, and Biden, decapitate border control systems allowing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to cross our southern border unimpeded.

• To hell with years of war against illegal drugs, they just walk across now

• To hell with stopping sex trafficking

• To hell with the war on crime

• To hell with keeping terrorists out

• To hell with fighting COVID-19, despite locking down of our own citizens

Promote Black Lives Matter, then abort babies before and after birth.

After relentless quoting of the Constitution by Democrats in pursuing their political agenda, they promote legislation (SR 1) that would usurp State rights protected by it.

Ignore fiscal mismanagement in our cities and states, then use taxpayer money to bail them out.

Despite her abysmal performance in the Democratic debates, and lack of votes in the Democratic primaries, select Kamala Harris as our vice president.

Allow Iranian gunboats to harass our ships in the Middle East, while the strongest Navy in the world stands down, neutered by weak leadership.

After 245 years of success as the greatest democracy in history, introduce the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory to contradict the underpinnings of our freedom.

This insanity by the Biden administration is not politics as usual. It is a concerted effort to undermine our society so big government can expand its control of our lives. We need our states to step up their fight against the federal government’s power grab, and our citizens to go to the polls angry for change.

Gerry Giesler Greensboro