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Morgan County adopts 2021 budget with no tax increase

June 25, 2020 - 06:00
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The Morgan County Board of Commissioners adopted the county’s 2021 budget at the most recent regular meeting held June 16.

Total revenues for the county’s general fund from the upcoming fiscal year are projected to total $19,317,122.

The county expects to bring in $15,852,474 in taxes, with $10,193,000 of that total projected to come from property taxes. According to Morgan County Finance Director Lori Sayer, the last day to appeal assessed value on properties was June 25, and after the total value has been settled, then the millage rate can be set. Sayer said total budgets for property taxes were based on the rollback millage rate which would result in a tax decrease for anyone whose property tax values have remained the same or decreased.

Sayer said assessed values have mostly been stable with an increase of just 2 percent countywide for the upcoming year.

The county’s biggest expense is law enforcement, which is projected to cost $2,594,248. The cost to operate the jail will add another $2,025,058 to the county’s expenses. Combined, the two departments represent nearly 24 percent of the county’s outlay.

The county will also spend $1,060,953 on its fire department and $1,199,548 on health.

Parks and recreation will cost $1,061,677 and the road department another $977,850.

The county will also collect another $11,018,563 in special revenue funds that are earmarked for specific uses: TSPLOST collections are expected to be $3,601,307 for road projects; SPLOST 7 revenue is projected to be $2,110,287 – these two represent 52 percent of the t special revenue funds.

Another $1,010,023 will come from E911 funds, and $1,293,746 from the solid waste enterprise fund.