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Every day is a day of Thanksgiving when you are grateful

November 26, 2021 - 00:00
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We have set aside the fourth Thursday of November each year as a day of Thanksgiving in remembrance of all that God has done for us.

However, when you reflect on the goodness of God it isn’t difficult to give thanks each day. Truly it has been wonderful during this past year to reflect on how he has blessed us each day. When you are grateful for what he has done, you don’t have to wait until the fourth Thursday in November to give thanks. Each day is a day of thanksgiving. Being thankful for the little things that we take for granted such as breathing, seeing, hearing, walking, talking, eating are all blessings from God.

The Bible tells us to always be thankful; 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. Being grateful is about appreciating what you have as opposed to what you want. Being thankful implies that you are acknowledging your thanks for something that someone has given you.

Gratefulness happens at a much deeper level and has feelings attached to it. Gratitude is a thankful appreciation for what an individual receives, whether tangible or intangible. With gratitude, we acknowledge the goodness in their lives. God wants us to be grateful, thankful and humble. The Bible tells us to be thankful for whatever someone does for you. How many times has God blessed us, healed us, delivered us, answered our prayers, and we didn’t even say thank you, lord? We never seem to be satisfied with what we have— rich or poor, healthy or sick, we’re just not satisfied.

But what a difference it makes when we realize that everything we have comes from God. In everything, give thanks not just big things; not just little things, but in ALL things. We should thank him for another day; for his goodness, his grace, his mercy, his love, his compassion, his forgiveness. Giving thanks shows that we are grateful for what God does for us each day. What are you most thankful for this year? family; close friends; good health; your home; your job?

Whatever it is, God wants you to live a life with an attitude of gratitude. How can you ask God for healing, deliverance, recovery or even more, when you aren’t thankful for what he has already done? No matter what comes your way, always be grateful to God for his many blessings each day. When you are grateful to God, every day is a day of Thanksgiving.