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Argument turns into ‘confusing cluster of events’; two arrested

May 21, 2020 - 06:00
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An Eatonton man argued with his girlfriend last week to the point of trying to burn the house down. When her brother tried to intervene in the argument, the boyfriend attempted to run him down with a car, which resulted in the brother firing gunshots at him. The boyfriend ended up being hit by a vehicle driven by another person who was witnessing the dispute.

“This was a confusing cluster of events,” Eatonton Police Chief Kent Lawrence told The Eatonton Messenger Tuesday morning when describing the incident.

On Monday, May 11, Ricardo Perez Ingram and his girlfriend got into an argument at her mother’s house on Standish Avenue. As the argument escalated, family members called the girlfriend’s brother, Jawond Largro Little, to come attempt to settle things down, Lawrence said.

“But Ingram wouldn’t listen to him, and Ingram jumps in Little’s car and tries to run Little down in the yard, goes through a flower bed chasing him,” Lawrence said. “So, Little starts shooting a pistol to warn him away. I’m not sure if he was shooting in the air or not, but he didn’t hit anybody or anything.”

As Eatonton police officers arrive on the scene, Ingram gets out of the car, presumably in an attempt to escape, according to Lawrence. A large crowd was there watching the entire incident, and one woman in a car hits Ingram with her vehicle to keep him from getting away, the police chief said.

“But he must not have been hurt too bad because he took off on foot and the officers gave chase,” he added.

Ingram was caught and both he and Little were taken into custody; however, Ingram reportedly complained of injuries from being struck by the vehicle and said he needed to go to the hospital. He refused to go by ambulance, so his sister said she would take him.

“But she did not carry him to the hospital and he showed back up at (the residence he shares with his girlfriend on Seminole Drive), still arguing with his girlfriend,” Lawrence said. “He pours gasoline all around the house and sprays lighter fluid everywhere, and turns on the electric stove and says he’s going to burn the house down.”

Police officers arrive, along with Lawrence and Investigator Howell Cardwell, and Ingram is holding the gas can and saying he’s going to burn the house. Lawrence called Eatonton Fire Department and told them to come to the house and be on standby, and Ingram took off running again. As officers were chasing him, Eatonton firefighters opened the windows of the house to air out the gasoline fumes and Lawrence said he turned off the stove.

Ingram continued to elude officers even though they gave commands for him to stop and they finally lost him, so warrants were issued for his arrest, Chief said.

Two days later, he appeared at Putnam General Hospital’s Emergency Room complaining of pain from being hit by a car on Monday.

“He was checked out and we arrested him right there at the hospital,” Lawrence said.

Ricardo Perez Ingram, 32, of Seminole Drive, Eatonton, was arrested May 13 and charged with aggravated assault, arson in the first degree, two counts disorderly conduct, theft by taking, two counts misdemeanor obstruction of an officer and parole violation.

Jawond Largro Little, 26, of Standish Avenue, Eatonton, was arrested May 11 and charged with aggravated assault.

Other charges are pending, Lawrence said.